Virtual Instruments Specific To Guitar

 We hear a lot about bass in dubstep but hardly focus on guitar as a Virtual Instrument. The wobble bass is probably the most defining characteristic of dubstep however if you know how to properly complement the sound of a wobble bass with good Virtual Instruments or dubstep sample you’ll most definitely be able to increase the overall perceptive value of your mixes.

Types of Virtual Instrument Guitars

When it comes to guitar you have a wide variety of options to choose from. I usually suggest obtaining as many different plugins, FX and Amps as you possibly can because you never know when you might need to use them. Below is a short list of different types of guitars you can take into consideration the next time you want to add in a different element into your Dubstep Mix.

Blues Guitar – A Blues guitar has a slight hint of distortion but allows you to make some amazing solos. I usually use these guitars to outline a chorus in electronic music or even to be the accompanying melody throughout the track. Metal Guitar – Dubstep works exceptionally well with metal and with heavy distortion you can create some seriously sick mixes. Mix some orchestra instruments in the mix and you are bound to have one of the most unique sounds out of this band of virtual instruments when you get the hang of it.

Not many people implement MetalStep beats but it definitely is a genre worth exploring. Rock Guitars – Similar to the metal guitar the rock guitar also works on distortion but has a lot less distorted body than that of the metal guitar. Add in some sick licks and improve the overall sound of your mix. Jazz Guitar – This is also a wonderful guitar to use when you are in the need of filling out your melodies. This clean almost angelic sound to the strings will bring in the “lighter element” to the darkness that is dubstep. Surprisingly the mix between the two creates a surreal type of harmony. Clean Acoustic – I love the acoustic sound jumbled in between the entire electric chaos of Dubstep. You can also add in some plucked effects to make a Trancy-Dubstep hybrid mix. Really ground breaking using the calmness of Trance with the wickedness of Dubstep.

When Recording your Mixes With Virtual Instruments

A guitar is an instrument that almost sings. Use it like a voice and allow it to help create depth to your song. Dubstep is a very DnB oriented genre and a lot of people are merely focusing on these elements using Virtual Instruments. Implementing guitar into the Virtual Instrument mix you will give your tracks the chance to define itself. Bass and Drums act as groove in the mix but with guitar and properly placed piano you’ll be able to flesh out a personality. In fact the Dubstep Genre is still so “fresh” that the wave of experimentation is still well under way.

Posted Tue 18 October 2016 by Arleen in Posts